Lions Tooth Media exists to deliver premium digital marketing solutions for your long term business growth and inevitable success.


Unique Content Development

Your story is unique, no one does what you do in the way you do it or why you do it.

We tell the world about who you are, what you believe in – your mission, your cause, and how your business impacts the world.

You are doing business for a reason. Let the world know why.


Our services include:


Content Marketing

Content is king [and Queen :)] In 2015, it outperformed every other ranking marketing strategy by 2 to 1.Good content means your viewers will stay on your site longer. It means you will have more engagement. And with Google algorithms continuing to favor sites that have good content, your blog, your articles, ezines, social media and website pages are becoming the critical factor in determining whether a potential customer will find you and more importantly, want to work with you.

Quality content is the one thing your business cannot afford to do without. Don’t let this slide.

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Video Marketing

If you are not using video in your marketing mix, you are missing out on the game, my friend. The rise in popularity of video is an ever growing phenomenom in online marketing, with no signs of slowing down. Look at how we use our cell phones. Over 50% of mobile traffic is from online video. By 2018, it has been projected that video will take up 80% of ALL consumer internet traffic. More social media channels like Blab and Periscope are entering the arena and video ads are taking off on Twitter and Facebook. We help you have F.U.N. with video. Let the games begin!

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Social Media Management

Engagement is the key factor in determining whether your content is being seen and valued. Having good Social media channels that support your message and engage viewers is critical in the success of your business. We offer specialized content development for all of your social media channels as well as convenient social media packages that will help you build your tribe quickly and effectively. Think of us as your own PR agency. Social signals will continue to remain critically important in 2016 and beyond to build brand awareness and drive organic traffic to your site.

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Web Design

Good web design can make the difference between a new viewer staying on your site longer and potentially becoming your customer vs staying less than 8 seconds on your site [the average] and leaving, never to be heard from again. It comes down to form and function. Functionality is the bedrock of web design, creating a flow from one page to the next so the user floats navigates effortlessly through your site to a specific call to action. Whether the user opts in to your email list, or hits the contact us button or picks up the phone to call you, the whole point of good web design is to enable the user to take that action without getting confused by website overwhelm. Having lots of content and fun things to read and look at is great but you want to be strategic about where those eyeballs go. And our beautiful graphic design to lend itself well as eye candy doesn’t hurt either.

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Cause Marketing

We believe in win-win business solutions for every type of business on the planet today. Cause marketing is all about celebrating your Big Why, why you do what you do and how you do it better than anyone else. And then we expand your brand and help you connect with the right non profits and cause related marketing activities that help you get seen locally and nationally too.

In this new era of socially conscious business, it is crucial to connect your own brand and your business to causes you personally believe in and then develop a long lasting relationship to those causes. Whether you tithe money to a non profit or volunteer, or create a mutually beneficial partnership, cause marketing builds long term success by connecting people who care about the same causes you do to your business.

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Search Engine Marketing

We move you from the lonely island of invisibility to the land of visibility and opportunity. Today, if you aren’t online in a significant and compelling way, you aren’t in business. Period. With our cutting edge search engine marketing techniques and oh so savvy business building strategies, we ensure your long term growth and inevitable success. Guaranteed.

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