What Is Lion's Tooth Media?

We are an innovative digital marketing agency that builds your brand for long term sustainability by telling your story in compelling ways through social media, content development, video marketing, web design and search engine strategy that gets you found online by the people who need to find you. We do this by not only talking about your business but also your connection to your community, what you believe in and how you impact the planet.

We are our your very own communication ecosystem.

Community. Connection. Impact.

It's a whole new way of getting found online.

Lion's Tooth Media is a value driven digital marketing agency for clients seeking positive solutions for their online marketing needs. We exist to tell the stories of the people, products, businesses and non profits that are not only looking to increase revenue streams but who also thrive on finding new ways to make a positive impact on the world – that seek to change the way we live that enhance our health, environment, community and beyond.

Our value driven mission is two fold:

We believe in adding a ton of value to your brand by telling compelling stories about you and your business that inpire people to ACTION, whether its picking up the phone to call you, sending you an email or buying your product online. Lion’s Tooth Media thrives on communicating your passion and positive impact to the world - that is a value we hold dear and are most passionate about!

And we also believe in adding a ton of value to YOU, our client! We are a content driven service provider and we add value to your world by being a one stop shop for all your online marketing needs. Whether it's search engine optimization, press releases, blogging, Google adwords, digital product creation, social media management or information publishing, we strive to make your life easier, happier and more joyful by delivering highly successful marketing campaigns that get you found fast so you can make the impact you are meant to make today!

Melissa Charity Waldron, Founder

As a producer of PBS television, long format documentaries and public radio for more than 20 years, Melissa has always believed in mixing media with advocacy to promote social good. She also has an entrepreneurial streak and worked on the front lines of the Dot com boom in New York City, overseeing projects in the very early stages of online video, audio and webinar production. She has been hooked ever since and created Lions Tooth Media in order to bring her advocacy to the online arena for people, ideas and products she believes in. Melissa loves to help businesses connect their "Cause" to new revenue streams in the most creative ways for maximum impact on their business and the planet.

Sunny Gonzalez-Cepero, Web Developer, Writer, Marketing Specialist

Sunny started out as a freelance writer and moved nimbly into web development and now takes control on all creative web projects here at Lions Tooth Media. Sunny can work in a range of platforms such as Joomla, Drupal and/or Word Press and is a wiz at Dream Weaver. She loves to create unique websites from scratch and can add any bell and whistle to serve each client’s needs. She also excels at e-commerce and can set up affiliate marketing relationships that match the clients profile. Sunny likes to say that she infuses all of her work with originality, style and zing and after all, has a “sunny” disposition to spare! Please inquire for samples of her portfolio. Or go see our own publication, Fertile Ground USA.